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The purpose of this Website is to stop the resale and putting into circulation of stolen motor vehicles while proposing to all the dispossessed owners, to publish the identification number (number in the series of the type, also called "frame number") of the vehicle of which they were despoiled.
The vehicles having been insured against the theft can't be registered.

Then, it will be quickly possible with for example whoever wishes to buy a used car or motorcycle, to inform himself on the situation of a vehicle. And this, on an international scale. This site does not make it possible systematically to find stolen vehicles. It just makes it possible to inform on their statute.

This file was created to invite to recognize, respect and protect the concept of private property. It is defended by the following texts of law:

- Article 17 of the French Declaration of the HUMANS RIGHTS and of CITIZEN of August 26, 1789.
- Article 17, 2 of the Universal Declaration of the HUMANS RIGHTS of August 17, 1948.
- Article II 77 Title II of the Charter of the BASIC RIGHTS of the EUROPEAN UNION of October 29, 2004.

The recording of a stolen vehicle is free, limitless time, whatever the date of the theft. You will find details in "Record" page.

NO INFORMATION on the owners will be delivered to anyone and under no pretext.

This website have absolutely no claim nor intention of competition or rivalisation with the official authorities, of whatever nature and nationality which they are. Its goal and vocation is only to be a co-operator and additional help.

We thank you for your visit.

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An exchange is reciprocal and free. A theft is arbitrary and unilateral. And thus unacceptable.