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This service was created in pure HTML language. The increasing performances of machines and connections now allow an ultra fast data transfer. A conception in PHP language, with dynamic databases, is too complex, fragile, and especially vulnerable.
Thus, in spite of its "retro" design, this website remains highly reliable, available and of universal reading by all browsers, versions and operating systems.
Contrary to some free sites and to an uncertain reliability, (they announce it them-even) we commit the registrant with a contract and a paid service.


Several sites and personal pages suggest declaring stolen vehicles. Regrettably they looks as catalogs to be gone through ... Impossible to be informed about the model in front of you without looking for hours. Even if it starts from a good intention to mention the maximum of information on the stolen model (registration plate, photo, color, options, distinguishing features), all this will quickly disappear. Consequently, we retain only the brand, the model, the version and the serial number of the recorded vehicles. This number, also called VIN (Vehicle identification number) struck on the body is not easily falsifiable and now the magneto-optical imagery allows to reveal its alterations.
Discover this excellent demonstration :


To date, the best system theft protection device for vehicles is "the Anti Car Jacking" by Blocvol.
Without subscription, remote control, quantified code.
As soon as a change of driver intervenes on the way, with the stop or parked, the car starts a countdown for the startup of the system and a new countdown to disconnect the engine gradually. Result, the car slow down, with the greatest surprise of the robber and ends up stopping at the end of a time and of a distance variables (and programmable).

Horn and headlights start then: the robber leaves there more quickly than with an ejection seat.
French Production. Website :


Any obstacle in the existence and in the functioning of this service could be considered as an infringement on the right of private property and its preservation.


English translation corrected with the kind participation of Mrs Carolyn Cassaday.

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